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Message from the Founder

Being a woman working within non tradition trades is important for me because we are underrepresented in this field and it allows me to be a positive role model for other young women who may be considering a similar path. 

Often i am greeted with confusion when i walk in to provide a potential customer with a quote "oh, you're the painter" the reactions of disbelief on their face when they realize it is in fact a woman showing up to complete the job. Not once does it cross their mind that i could be the business owner, when in fact i am.

My name is Santisha Giovannetti. I am the owner of Fantasy Home Finishing, I am a woman who is dedicated to my craft of painting and showing passion for it brush by brush and I am excited to continue helping Halifax become a more beautiful place one room at a time.

About the company

Fantasy Home Finishing

Fantasy Home Finishing, provides Reliable painting and decorating services for clients throughout the HRM and surrounding areas. We take pride in our work, and our customers, to ensure you are receiving the best service possible.

Our crews are fully trained professionals, with a goal to provide a Professional Service while exceeding customer expectations throughout the entire process. 


What to expect?

The first step is to schedule a customer quote, where we do a job inspection, from there we are able to provide an estimate for the service(s) required. During the service only High-Quality materials will be used. After the service you can expect the area to be cleaned, then inspected with you to ensure your 100% satisfied! Our work is Guaranteed!

Feel free to take a look at our work in Galleries, as well as our Client Reviews! So you can get an idea of who you're working with. We look forward to hearing from you and bringing your visions to reality!

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